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What We Do For You

Let us help you activate your target community



Hyper-Targeted Multi Channel Ad Campaigns

Our platform is connected directly to the ad APIs of Facebook, Twitter, Google and our Programmatic buying partners. We specialize in contextual ad campaigns that deliver industry leading conversion rates and quantifiable ROI.


Build Highly Engaged Communities

We have written and executed the proven industry playbook for building, curating and managing unbranded disease awareness and education communities. This is our signature service and forms the centerpiece for all other campaign activities.



Survey & Lead Generation Campaigns

When you need for more detailed insights we can get that quickly and efficiently with our digital surveys tool. Or if you are are looking to opt in specific patients or caregivers we drive performance based lead generation campaigns.




Why Liquid Grids?



We are the first to guarantee relevance. We are the first to do so. Our patented disease analytics approach ensures you see and use real healthcare dialogue, not spam, not jokes.



1 billion health conversations by 125 million health consumers. Our databases grow by millions of posts daily. We have 35 commercial disease grids and add new diseases weekly.



Many promise and fail to deliver meaningful ROI. Page interactions, Likes, Retweets are all nice indicators but they are not changing the rate at which your brand is discussed in healthcare interactions. We make that happen.

Case Studies

Liquid Grids Dramatically Increases Brand Conversion

Genetic Based Test for Obesity. Obesity rates around the US have skyrocketed in the past three decades, tripling in adolescents since 1980. The disease is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and other health problems. According to the Center for Disease Control, about 60 million adults, or 30% of the adult population, are now obese. Download the Case Study »

Liquid Grids Case Study on Obesity

Liquid Grids Targeted, Attracted and Engaged 16% of the Population.

Cushing’s Syndrome: A Rare Disease. Only two to four individuals out of one million people are diagnosed with Cushing’s Syndrome. The disease carries  with it a variety of symptoms  including extreme weight gain,  moodiness, hypertension, sleep  disturbances and osteoporosis. Liquid Grids is able to target,  attract and engage 16% of this  population, increasing Facebook following by 1500% and visits to  the brand’s site by 76%. Download the Case Study »

Liquid Grids Case Study on Cushing's Syndrome

Liquid Grids Outperformed All Other Providers

Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease. Whether it’s organic  reach through earned media or  promoted via paid media, Liquid  Grids™ guarantees impressions  of your Liquid Content and delivers a Return on Investment model for your social media marketing campaign. Download the Case Study »

Liquid Grids Case Study on Kidney Disease

Liquid Grids Initiated and Completed a Patient Recruitment Drive for Type II Diabetes in Less than 24 Hours

Type II Diabetes. 97% of the people that clicked on Liquid Grids’ ad campaigns and came to the survey met the criteria of the study, demonstrating and validating the effectiveness of our Direct to Persona® marketing platform. Download the Case Study »

Liquid Grids Case Study on Diabetes

Liquid Grids in the News

Liquid Grids Featured In PM360’s ‘Innovative Products of 2015‘!

Malcolm Bohm, CEO of Liquid Grids Inc. was named a 2015 PM360 ELITE Award winner!

Liquid Grids was recently selected as a 2015 TiE50 Top Start-Up!

Liquid Grids was selected by Gartner as one of the Cool Vendors in Life Sciences, 2014.