About Liquid Grids

Liquid Grids was acquired by FemTec Health in 2021 because of a shared vision to revolutionize women’s healthcare. FemTec Health brings together science, data, and technology to offer personalized products and healthcare solutions, to every woman, at every stage of her life. This means specialty care, wellness and prevention, reproductive care,  sexual wellness, mental health, chronic care, and beyond. Our BiomeAI platform uses AI and machine learning to really understand you, through consumer, genetic, microbiome, and biometric data. Because, like your fingerprint, you are unique and so is your health and beauty care. For more information, go to www.femtechealth.com



Liquid Grids is being used by companies across the healthcare spectrum, including biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, health insurance providers, and healthcare product companies. We partner directly with brands or their marketing agencies to deliver the most effective contribution to their digital and inbound marketing campaigns.

Our vision is to be the leader of Social Health Intelligence by providing the most advanced and predictive intelligence about healthcare consumers available. To provide groundbreaking, disruptive marketing strategies that change the way the industry interacts with online health communities.

Our mission is to enable the healthcare industry to engage with consumers online, motivate them to adopt healthier lifestyles, and more effectively manage chronic illnesses, resulting in better health outcomes and significant cost savings to the system.

The Healthcare Industry’s Only All-In-One Social Marketing Platform

Liquid Grids™ has developed a purpose-driven, automated platform in social media specifically targeted for application in the healthcare industry. Our technology aggregates and classifies all online health-related dialogue into subject disease discussions, simultaneously applying complex analytics that allows you to gather meaningful insight as to the who, what and when of any particular health conversation within these virtual communities. Linking this deep intelligence to our Direct to Persona™ Marketing tools, we enable you to conduct highly scalable campaigns that produce Guaranteed Impressions as well as Return on Investment.

Social Health Intelligence

We aggregate and analyze the healthcare dialogue of millions of consumers daily. Viewing each disease discussion as a Grid in our platform architecture, we can customize a Grid per our client’s desire to focus on a specific disease, diagnosis, treatment modality, procedure, or any combination thereof. Moreover, our clients are enabled by:

  • Liquid Grids’ semantic engine that distills only health-related conversations from the vast amounts of data being communicated across the social world
  • Patented technology that indexes the relevant health dialogue in real time and by disease stage.
  • Specifically designed healthcare related learning algorithms that identify and disseminate actionable intelligence underlying these disease discussions that were previously undetected.

Disease Grids

Liquid Grids™ has made immediately available 50 prominent disease Grids with 1,000 primary disorders that provide analysis of discussions at each disease stage and the influencers of each, but our library of disease Grids can be expanded and developed for whatever disease that our client wishes to focus.

Direct to Persona™ (DTP™) Marketing

Liquid Grids™ has developed a proprietary comprehensive and dynamic array of marketing capabilities that link the target persona intelligence above to an interactive and agile, multimedia content marketing platform called the Content Capsule™. The Content Capsule™ comprehensively packages videos, photos, interactive images, press releases, and presentations, with interconnected links to targeted social media network users, websites, and transaction sites; all comprised in one highly sharable and measurable unit. We call this integrated approach of targeted engagement Direct to Persona™ Marketing.

There’s no alternative for experience

Our team has extensive experience in the healthcare industry and deeply understand the needs and challenges of our clients. We built our platform specifically for the Healthcare industry. Our mission is to transform the way the industry can understand, communicate and market its innovations to healthcare consumers. Our Direct-to-Persona marketing platform is a breakthrough that is unmatched in its precision, reach and scalability.